Biohuts to preserve marine biodiversity

On May 28th, Maud Fontenoy was at the port of Cap d’Ail to officially hand over to Michel Perrin the “Port Propre Actif en Biodiversité” certification, obtained from, and delivered by AFNOR in January 2019. With this trophy, the Vice-President of the Southern Region, in charge of sustainable development, energy and the sea, rewarded the port’s commitment to a regeneration process for marine biodiversity.

Growing before taking to the open sea

It all began in 2018. The port of Cap-d’Ail asked Ecocean to install 52 fish nurseries in the port basin (see location plan). The aim of this 4-year programme is to allow larvae and young fish to grow before setting off for the open sea. Since the beginning of the year, four monitoring visits have been carried out. To raise awareness among users and visitors, a Biohut is on display at the entrance to the Port.

Restoring the marine environment

Ecocean played an active part in the 4th edition of the Port Festival by hosting a stand and operating a game. This young company, a pioneer in PCC (Post-Larval Capture and Culture), works on a daily basis to restore marine environments and preserve fisheries resources by introducing operational solutions all over the world.