Harbour of Cap-d’Ail, certified as a “Clean Harbour” and “Harbour Active in Biodiversity”

Preserving aquatic areas, protecting the environment and acting to support sustainable development have always been at the heart of our preoccupations. Which is why the harbour of Cap-d’Ail is proud to have obtained in 2019 :

– renewal of European “Clean Harbours” certification, initially acquired in 2015, which rewards our commitment and efforts ;

– new “Harbours Active in Biodiversity” certification, highlighting our commitment to preservation of marine biodiversity.

Created at the initiative of the UPACA (Union des Ports de Plaisance Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur et Monaco)*, Clean Harbours certification is not merely a flag flying above the harbour master’s office. It is a demanding procedure which involves actions that are truly eco-responsible.

Collecting special waste

Renewal of the “Clean Harbour” certification in 2019 by the French certification agency AFNOR confirms the seriousness of our commitments and the quality of our actions. In fact, the Clean Harbour approach enables us to efficiently manage pollution inherent to a sailing harbour. We have thus set up a “point propre”, a mini rubbish dump for special waste such as wood, metals, paint, solvents, used oil, soiled cans, used batteries… Waste which is then collected by specialized service-suppliers who remove and process it. Furthermore, the processing of this special waste is followed up throughout the entire cycle to ensure total traceability.

Fighting pollution

“Clean Harbours” also carries the obligation to set in place the resources necessary to fight accidental pollution. The Harbour of Cap-d’Ail thus benefits from equipment and materials that combat pollution, such as absorbent booms and a floating boom to close the entrance. Our harbour staff is, of course, trained in the use of this equipment and ready to intervene. Training sessions and awareness programmes are in fact held each year as part of the “Clean Harbour” approach.

Biohut® nurseries to go one step further

Getting our approach more widely known and making users more aware of the need to preserve the environment also form part of our missions. Our concrete actions favouring preservation of ecosystems on land and sea contribute to this, and demonstrate our desire to go even further.
In this spirit, we installed 51 Biohut® nurseries in our waters in 2018. These artificial habitats designed by the firm ECOCEAN are real refuges for many aquatic species, encouraging the development and growth of adult populations and consequently restoration of the natural cycle. This action has been rewarded by the fact that we have obtained the new “Harbours Active in Biodiversity” certification, which is complementary to “Clean Harbours” certification.

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*in partnership with the Regional Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Council, the State, the Agence de l’Eau Rhône Méditerranée Corse, ADEME, Écogestes associations and AFNOR.