The Cap d’Ail marina offers a public careening area.
The access is free and open every day from 7am to 9pm.

The Société du Chantier Naval de Cap d’Ail offers lifting equipment for landing and launching. Please contact the shipyard directly if you need any of these services

+33 (0)4 92 10 60 00 – email :

Make sure to inform the harbour office if you park a boat on the public slipway. The boat’s documents must be shown to the Harbour Master. You can find the parking rates for the careening area in the annual price list (Barème des redevances – section “OUR RATES”).

Parking trailers on the slipway is forbidden.
Regardless of your situation, keep in mind that a careening area is a dangerous place. Please take the greatest precautions during your operations.

Points to keep in mind:

  • Use the « Point propre » (waste reception center) in order to respect sorting and the place clean
  • Clean your careening area as soon as your boat is launched
  • Pay the boat parking fees at the harbour office before launching

Please note the following:

    • The careening area is exclusively reserved for the boats being overhauled.
    • Living in the boats parked on the careening area is forbidden for security reasons
    • Parking private vehicles is prohibited. No vehicles (motorbike, trailer, etc) are allowed to be parked. If you have a special request, please contact the Harbour Master’s Office (Capitainerie)