General informations

  • General surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • An automated external defibrillator is available at the harbour office and our staff is trained to use it. In case of an accident in the marina, please contact immediately the harbour master so that the emergency services can be called and oriented.
  • Fishing and swimming are prohibited in the entire port area.
  • Dogs must be kept on leash and the droppings must be collected
  • Traffic: for your safety, please respect the speed limits (20km/h) and the traffic and parking rules – SPEEDING OR MAKING NOISE ARE PROHIBITED.
  • Fresh water and electricity on every pier. The use of Staubly spray gun and connector is mandatory. Don’t waste energy!
  • The use of any heating system in the absence of occupants is strictly prohibited (danger of fire).

Your arrival in the marina:

  • The speed limit is 3 knots
  • Upon arrival, contact the harbour office on the channel VHF09
  • Make sure to present yourself to the harbour office with your ship’s documents and your valid insurance certificate or policy (mandatory in all ports).
  • The harbour dues must be paid in advance for the entire period of initial stay reserved and the possible extensions.
  • Please remember to raise your gangway when you leave your boat. Make sure to inform the harbour office of your departure.