Taking action to preserve our seas and oceans

5.5 million tons of surface waste in the Gulf of Lions (IFREMER, August 2000), 10,000 tons of plastic in the Mediterranean each year (World Wildlife Fund), the threat of the disappearance of posidonia, the “ocean’s lung”… It is time to act. Focus on initiatives being taken by Sea Plastics and Ecogestes Méditerranée.

Changing our habits

Throw nothing in the water : a first step for anyone who wants to preserve the seas and oceans. But to go even further, Ecogestes Méditerranée ambassadors talk to holidaymakers to raise their awareness of actions both useful and necessary to preserve the marine environment. Choosing products with little packaging, opting for cleaning products of vegetable origin or eco-labelled, sorting your waste when on board… All these eco-friendly gestures are easy to apply. Check them out in your harbourmaster’s office or on-line: http://ecogestes.com/

Studying and raising awareness

Another initiative is that of Frédéric, Julie and Quiterie who, when summer arrives, board a sailboat to sail along the Mediterranean coast, contributing to scientific knowledge on plastic pollution and raising awareness among pleasure boaters of the pollution caused by plastics in the seas and oceans. Sea Plastics, the AgroParis Tech student association, called this year at the port of Cap-d’Ail.  They gave two conferences on June 7th and 8th for users of the port and Cap-d’Ail students involved in the “Aire Marine Educative” (AME) programme. Sea Plastics also hosted a stand at the 4th edition of the Port Festival.