The right actions to protect our seas and oceans

Do we need to be reminded that our oceans are gradually deteriorating, in silence, in a manner as dramatic as the disappearance of the Amazon forest beneath the flames? While powerless when confronted by this tragedy, we can take action, every day, to protect our oceans.

  1. I don’t throw anything into the sea or nature. No plastic bags, no cigarette butts, no waste. I contribute towards preserving the environment by sorting my waste and cutting it down as much as possible. When out on a boat, I bring non-biodegradable waste back to shore.
  2. I don’t eat just any kind of fish. I avoid endangered species (bluefin tuna, rock salmon, scabbardfish, emperor, conger, sea bream, swordfish, halibut, ling, hake, skate, turbot…), preferring products bearing the MSC label (Marine Stewardship Council), certified as produced by responsible fishing, organic or Red Label.
  3. I no longer use plastic: bags, packaging, bottles, cups, straws… including some cosmetics such as scrubs, which contain microbeads of plastic which end up in the oceans and are a direct threat to marine biodiversity!
  4. I prefer to use environmentally friendly products. Some kinds of cat litter contain fine particles that are very harmful for the oceans. Sun screens are also often made of non-biodegradable substances that destory coral reefs. So opt for eco-friendly versions and use natural household products (white vinegar, clay stone, black soap, linseed oil). Think about recycling and adopt a “zero waste” attitude.

And for the fortunate who are still on holiday, here is a little guide to eco-tourism with lots of advice for an ecological stay by the sea!


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