Welcome to the Biohut® project

The Port of Cap d’Ail has set itself the objective of being an active player in the protection of the environment and biodiversity, wishing to become exemplary.

For this reason, we are pleased to announce the installation of 51 Biohut® nurseries in the Port of Cap d’Ail!

Biohut® is an artificial habitat, installed along quays and / or under pontoons.

It consists of a steel cage filled with oyster shells (cage food), associated with an empty cage (cage protection), which have the function of protecting the post-larvae and young fish when, attacked by predators they seek to get closer to the habitat.

Indeed, the straight design of the quays and the obvious lack of suitable habitat in the harbor basins, make them real traps for the young fish who find themselves without protection against the predators.

The Biohut® process aims to restore the natural cycle. The quays and pontoons then become refuges for many aquatic species. They are thus more likely to survive and to contribute to the growth of adult populations.

This project was conceived and carried out by the ECOCEAN team, which has been developing methods of restoring aquatic environments since 2009. Its innovative projects open up a new perspective in ecological engineering and the protection of marine ecosystems. For more info, see:



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Copyright Ecocean Remy Dubas


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